Always connected.

Stay connected to the world around you with uninterrupted music and communications.
Ultimately small, light and perfectly fitting earphones for all-day comfort and natural ambient noise, as well as with advanced noise cancelling, automatic adaptive noise control and immersive sound.

The LinkBuds connect all areas of your life with an open ring design. So you can always listen to calls, music and other online content, while also being aware of the surrounding sounds around you. And all this without feeling the headphones. The small and light design with the optimal fit for hours of wearing comfort ensures that you are always in the middle of the action and don't miss a thing. A newly developed ring-shaped driver unit, with the center of the diaphragm left open for greater audio transparency, lets you hear sounds around you clearly. So you'll hear when someone calls you by name during a call, and you can chat with friends while your music is playing. The LinkBuds combine a shape perfectly adapted to the human ear with an ergonomic design that ensures a more stable fit. When designing the LinkBuds, we drew on extensive ear shape data collected since the introduction of the first in-ear headphones in 1982.

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