Hear the unfair advantage for yourself and be the last man standing thanks to the Razer Kraken Ultimate - a PC gaming headset designed for the ultimate tournament-grade gaming experience. If you're surrounded by enemies, you should go on the offensive and let them know who's chasing who around here.


THX SPATIAL AUDIO: That's the competitive edge - spot enemies with pinpoint accuracy and take advantage of positional sound to spot enemies before they're even in sight

ACTIVE NOISE-CANCELING MICROPHONE: Get absolute clarity in team communication with a highly sensitive microphone that eliminates background noise from fans, air conditioners and other interference

ALUMINUM AND STEEL CONSTRUCTION: A bauxite aluminum frame and stainless steel headband make the headset light, flexible and incredibly tough - for years of intensive gaming use

GLASSES-FRIENDLY COOLING GEL EAR PADS: Thanks to optimal wearing comfort, every marathon gaming session can be dominated. The Razer Kraken Ultimate features a glasses-friendly design and ear pads filled with cooling gel to prevent heat build-up

50MM CUSTOM-TUNED DRIVERS: The Razer Kraken Ultimate features superior sound clarity and richness with punchy bass that's ideal for capturing every step and shot, giving gamers a competitive advantage